Leon T. Roché, II is a native of the Westbank of New Orleans, and a highly respected criminal defense attorney. He has dedicated the past 13 years to representing clients in various criminal defense matters and conducting over 100 trials at the Orleans Public Defenders Office. In addition to his work as an attorney, Leon is also a member of various organizations dedicated to justice and public service, and he frequently speaks to the next generation about professionalism and the criminal justice system. As a judge, Leon will continue to defend the constitutional rights of the accused, victims, and their families, while also seeking alternatives to incarceration for those suffering from mental illness, drug addiction, or veteran status.

  • Ensure accountability for those who commit violent crimes.
  • Hold all parties to the highest ethical standards around evidence to ensure those
    convicted are not wrongfully convicted.
  • Establish and hold all parties responsible to firm timelines for discovery and pre-trial
    motions. This will keep the court’s docket moving in a timely and efficient manner and lessen the burden on victims, witnesses, police and others who must participate in trials.
  • Impose conditions on defendants released on bond when necessary, such as
    maintaining employment, schooling, drug testing, and or home incarceration. This will ensure the safety of the community and help people stay on a productive path.
  • Seek alternative methods of sentencing for non-violent crimes, where appropriate,
    and address the root causes of crime, by using the specialty courts to help people
    suffering from drug addiction, mental illness, and our veterans without resources.
  • Partner with local organizations to connect people with individualized services and resources to reduce recidivism and encourage successful reentry into the community after incarceration.
  • Keep the zoom platform so the people of New Orleans can see what’s taking place in court and have preliminary matters addressed without having to physically appear in court.
  • Establish a system of E-filing for the attorneys.

Bringing integrity and fairness to the bench.

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